Holy Marketing!

We're a bit like Jeeves. While you focus on your thing, we will take care of your marketing and web related troubles with great finesse. We will save you money and time.



1. Research

Knowing you, your product and your clients is imperative and the very first step towards a successful launch. Armed with this information, we set the goal, scope and specifications of the project together with you. If needed, we help you clarify your message and value to your target audience.

2. Design

When the project has a good focus, we start working on the actual design, tossing ideas with you and eventually homing in on the best approach. We remain in touch as we do this in order to make sure that the message is conveyed through our work.

3. Implementation

Approved design is next turned into the actual product. We bust our asses coding, photoshopping, copywriting, drawing — whatever is needed. 

4. Launch

As the project is launched, we provide you instructions and deliverables such as logos in proper formats, graphic manuals, etc. Whenever we've installed a CMS for you, we demonstrate the ins and outs of it.

Pay us a visit

We're located in old Herttoniemi, an idyllic part of eastern Helsinki. Please, join us for a cup of coffee — we like to talk about all kinds of projects.

Planetoidi Ltd
Karhutie 16
00800 Helsinki
+358 44 329 2033
[email protected]

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