Hypothetical logo: Pelit

I've been subscribing Pelit-lehti for 17 years. It's definitely the best publication about games and gaming industry but I've never liked its logo much. Not the old version and not the new one either. I couldn't even find a proper version of the old logo but the new one looks like this:

I find it slightly unfinished. For example, the rounded corners of the characters are stretched somewhere and in other places not. P has a sharp outer corner that is not used anywhere else. The overall impression is just amateurish to me.

So, I decided to make a new one just for fun. You're welcome to criticize, here it is:

Word "Pelit" is actually pretty challenging. First two letters are wide and round while the last three are completely opposite. My early sketches were all shit because of this. There was just no balance to be found. Here's where the original logo got it right. By stretching out the finial of letter t, the logo balances out. I didn't want to do a complete overhaul so I used the stretched finial and rounded corners as well. I also ended up connecting the p with e, it just fell apart without that.